What is Dental Restoration

The majority of people don’t know anything about restorative dentistry because just very few people actually need to use it. Of course, that is a good thing because it means that people have nice and healthy teeth. Having to visit a dentist is a nightmare for most people because they immediately connect it with pain. However, that shouldn’t be the case because if you find a quality dental clinic, you will not feel a thing. Only when you go to a clinic that has low experienced dentists working, you might feel pain because they don’t know the right ways to do sedation.

Dental restoration is not one thing that can be explained easily, you need to understand everything that goes into it. The best way we can explain it to you is that it is a process that is specifically designed to make your teeth look nice and healthy again. Whatever the process may be, for example, replacing a missing tooth that you have that is one form of restoration. However, there are some other types of restoration that you also need to know about.

Direct Restoration

The process of direct tooth dental restoration means that a dentist is placing a filling into an already prepared tooth cavity to save that tooth. This is a procedure that is very common and it can be done very fast within a single dentist visit. The type of the filling that you will get will be determined by the dentist because he must know exactly which filling is the best for your teeth type and the location. For example, if you need to replace a tooth root that is constantly under heavy pressure because of chewing, then your dentist should use glass or resin ionomers.

Of course, as mentioned it is completely up to your dentist, his experience, and knowledge. If you don’t have trust in your dentist, then we strongly suggest that you find one that is more experienced because the health of your teeth is very important when you want to live a healthy lifestyle.

Indirect Restoration

The indirect type of tooth restoration is different from the direct one because it involves customized tooth replacements that are done in the form of crowns, inlays. Depending on the form of the replacement that you get, there are different processes involved. Meaning that if you get a crown, your dentist will be covering the entire chewing surface of your damaged tooth, if you get inlays, then your dentist will be covering only the cups of the tooth.

This procedure of indirect restoration will definitely require more than one visit to the dentist clinic because the inlay must be made specifically in the lab. These inlays are made out of various materials. Some people use gold as a material, but after that, your teeth will never be white. The gold can change the entire look of your mouth, therefore you have to make a smart decision. Of course, if you don’t like it you will have the option to replace it.

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