How To Use Feng Shui To Attract Wealth


Feng shui doesn’t magically provide you with wealth, but it helps you create an environment around yourself that will strengthen you and attract the energy of wealth. Good feng shui will attract wealth by giving you the necessary support, but only if you strive for it.

Read on and learn how feng shui can help you create an environment which supports you in your quest for wealth.

1. Eliminate clutter

Clutter is a big problem – people who live in cluttered places are dominated by the energy based on fear and pessimism. It is obvious that fear and pessimism do not lead to wealth, quite the contrary. We are aware that clearing clutter is a tedious task, but the end-result is worth it.


Rich people have to find everything quick – time is money, and that is why their workspace is clutter-free. Eliminate the clutter, and you will become more organized, and your rooms will emit a strong and clear energy.

2. Fountains

Many ancient and present cultures associate the energy of water with wealth. Fountains are very popular when it comes to feng shui for wealth. If you enjoy fountains, find one or more fountains and place them inside or outside of your home.

[themify_box style=”pink”]Small fountains are not very expensive so that they won’t set you back a lot, but remember never to put a fountain in your bedroom – this is bad feng shui.[/themify_box]

3. Wealth colors

One of the essential feng shui colors is, obviously, gold. If you want to attract wealth, make sure that gold is the dominant color in your decor items – it will make your house feel harmonious.

You need to make sure that you have an emotional connection to your gold-colored items. It is important that you don’t bring something into your home just for the sake of the looks. If you don’t like something – it doesn’t like you back.

Wealth colors

Another feng shui wealth color is purple, and it can also be found on many items such as rugs, pillows, plants, etc. As with the gold, the same rules apply with purple – use the objects that you like.

There you have it – three simple feng shui tips that will help you attract wealth, but remember that you have to be genuine if you want your feng shui to work, and don’t rush it!

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