True Italian flavor in Biscayne Blvd. restaurant

Biscayne boulevard in Miami is a must see a touristic place with plenty restaurants, boutiques, sights and other attractive locations to visit. A myriad of various styles are scattered along this boulevard, but one place stands as a unique representation of the true Italian style and taste. With professional service bringing unique Italian food onto your plate, the large scale of Italian wines and cocktails and wonderful ambiance providing both, intimate and casual atmosphere, this place will be a memorable experience if you visit it.

Although the place is truly trying to bring the scent and flavor of Italia in the middle of Miami touristic rush, the truth is that skilled owners of the restaurant have done a perfect job with designing a restaurant that suits various people’s needs. You can equally come here for intimate, romantic dining original Italian dishes and wines or you may stop by for a night of special cocktails casual few hours. The owners of the restaurant are born in Italia, professional cooks with a lot of previous experience in various restaurants and countries, who decided to focus their passion and project their culture and tradition in the middle of Miami boulevard.

Dinner under the stars

The outdoor patio of this restaurant is amazingly designed to bring you the view to Miami and the touch of Italia at the same time. The patio is spacious, it provides enough room for dozens of tables without disturbing anyone’s intimacy, but at the same time, it provides the space for parties or soft live music at the background of the night. The view brings the Biscayne Boulevard at your sight, and the whole atmosphere around you, including delicious food and wines, music and the interior is authentic Italian style. Long summer nights spent here are truly memorable.

For those who prefer warm and cozy atmosphere

While outdoor patio of this restaurant brings exotic and vivid summertime feeling, the indoor boutique is more for intimate and warm personal moments. The interior is mostly wooden, perfectly combined with dim light and elegant music. The menu includes various pasta, salads, desserts and Italian wine in different authentic combinations and specialties.

Corner for parties

Aside from chilling, romantic and elegant atmosphere, this restaurant provides an open social bar for degustation of various cocktails, Italian fine wines, and specialties such as Miami breeze. The bar is right next to the dancing floor where you can enjoy the music all night long. The restaurant occasionally throws thematic parties with particular music genre and few special cocktails as the unique recipe of the house and the guests get to experience exquisite adventure isolated from the Miami boulevard’s rush.

Online preview into this place

If you are still having doubts or simply want to get familiar with the place before hit straight over there, the biscayne blvd restaurant provides a vivid online tour at their website, as well as the option of online ordering of some food and wines to get the slight impression of all the delicious aspects they offer.

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