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There are several different types of Asian cuisines depending on the geographical variations in customs and everyday routine, but all of them are based on the same common ingredient – rice. While cooking styles vary, the list of typical ingredients is quite similar and it includes rice, noodles, veggies, legumes, bamboo shoots, carrots, leeks, turnips, bok choy, mangoes, apricots, seafood, mint, curry leaves and much more. Another signature aspect of Asian food is flush using of various spices. Fresh and authentic

asian healhty foodAsian food is relatively easily found in many Asian food restaurants in many countries, but there’s a new popular trend suggesting you could lose your weight or simply introduce a healthier diet by regular eating in these restaurants. There is always an open option for you to purchase all the ingredients and to prepare Asian food on your own at home, but that is hardly going to meet the quality and flavor of the dishes prepared by true experts.

What makes Asian food so good for your health?

When looking at the plate with served Asian meal, the first impression you will get is the colorful picture. All the colors are present in the meal. It might sound banal, but it’s one of the main rules in nutrition – to include all the “colors” of the food into your diet. Asian diet suggested for balancing your nutrition and controlling your weight is more of an eating pattern than a rigorous diet plan. The diet includes rice and noodles, a lot of whole grains, vegetables, seeds, nuts, healthy oils, low-fat meat, fish and seafood, various sorts of fruits and finally – spices and sauces specific for this regions and cultures.

How Asian food controls your weight?

Combinations of these ingredients are mixed in such manner to provide you with just enough calories, the feeling of satiety, rich flavors and all the groups of nutrients and chemical elements your body requires. You will take just enough carbs and healthier types of fat, enough proteins, and all the necessary micro elements all wrapped up in one average meal, if prepared properly. Many spices commonly used in Asian dishes, such as turmeric, increase your metabolism rate which results in better digestion and weight loss. Dishes are rich in fibers, which will promote the feeling of satiety and stimulate your digestion at the same time.

Pick a high – quality Asian food restaurant

As mentioned above, you may try to prepare all this food on your own at home, but the truth is that the recipes are hard to find and it takes a lot of skill and experience to achieve the right kind of flavor and taste. For private cooking, various manuals and books about Asian cuisine are the best guidelines. The Far better option is to book a table at some high – quality asian food restaurant regularly and enjoy the authentic meals, with wine, sake or beer added. Zen Culinary is one of the reputed Asian food restaurants that serve truly authentic dishes (accompanied with impressive Asian tradition elements and atmosphere). Thus you will certainly get original Asian fare.


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