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If you love eating spicy food, you are in luck! A new study has appeared with suggestions that chili peppers may be a secret to a long life.

Researchers from the University of Vermont performed an analysis on over 16,000 American men who had completed the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey between 1988 and 1994. The researchers found out that during over 19 years around 34% of the men died. They thought about limiting the data to people who consumed chili peppers, and they learned that the number of the men died dropped to mere 22%.


The result was published in the journal Plos one, and the result suggested that the lower risk of death might have something to do with an active component of chili peppers – capsaicin. Co-author of the study, Dr. Benjamin Litternberg said: “The types of deaths that were lowest in the pepper group were deaths due to vascular disease, heart attacks and stroke.” Dr. Littenberg said that it seems that capsaicin reduces the amount of inflammation in the body. But, this study is not the only one which claims that chili peppers can lead to a longer life.

People who consume fresh chili show a lower risk of death from cancer

The study of nearly 500,000 Chinese people over seven years shows that people who indulge in eating spicy food three times a week have a lower risk of dying. People who eat spicy food three times per week have a 14% less risk of dying than people who don’t. Fresh and dried chili peppers were the common spice used in China, and further analysis showed that people who consume fresh chili show a lower risk of death from cancer, diabetes, and ischaemic heart disease.


Despite the studies, Dr. Littenberg says that correlation does not equal causation. He said that further studies are necessary before there is a concrete conclusion. He also said that there are many different ways of improving health than going on a chili pepper diet.

The researchers are not 100% sure that spicy food is the cause of longer life, so we will have to wait a bit longer until the claims are proven. Until then, we will enjoy our spicy food in moderation, not only for the health benefits but because we love the taste of chili.

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