How to run your restaurant business smoothly?

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Whoever worked in the restaurant or a bar knows how this business can be stressful. Restaurant consulting is a very demanding job that requires a lot of planning, and by default, everything needs to be on time. Even a fast food restaurant has the same principle. This results as the type of business that is very difficult to run. A lot of restaurant use management software or management consultant to improve its business. A good advice is crucial to be successful. That’s why we have created Glimpse.

Why should you choose Glimpse when it comes to restaurant consulting?

Our software can show you where is the highest risk of lost revenue. Nobody can be better in observing your business than our software. It also can provide you with unparalleled improvements. Our software will provide you with reports that will show you audited images of sales that are at risk. The best thing is the fact that these images will be cataloged by category and time so you can easily study it. The first thing that every ambitious restaurant does is auditing its sales. We offer you video auditing which will allow you to monitor all the transactions. We backed up everything with impeccable reports that highlight the areas of risk.

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Our video auditing solution is user-friendly and do no training is required

Our software is user-friendly, and its interface is so simple that even a child can use it. Your managers can focus on their tasks. The best advantage of this software is the option to see an analysis that shows which is your hardest employee and the option to improve those who are less accomplished. You will have a clear picture about your team’s qualities and flaws.

How this software gives you a full control?

Like in any other business you need to have a scale and to decide who is going be on the top of your list, you can upgrade or downgrade the access of your employee, and this way control them. You will be the only person that has a complete access and the full control over the system. This way you will build an entire network of your most trustworthy employees and be able to have trust in your team.


Technical support during your entire contract

Once you decide to try our 15-day trial version, you will soon realize that this software is going to be your most dependable associate. When it comes to technical support, we have our help desk included in the product price. In case you have any doubts or software issue you can contact us and we will be more than willing to help you. Our software is back up. Therefore you can rest assured that your information and transaction will be safe with us. After the trial version, you can decide whether you are going to buy our product or you think it is not enough adapted to your business. In case that you are not satisfied you are free to suggest us some changes, and we will see what we can arrange for you.

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