Raindrop Inlay surgery and its benefits

raindrop surgery

Among so many eye surgery procedures it is hard to choose which one is the best. During the natural aging of your eye, it is very important to find the way to diminish near vision. When it comes raindrop inlay procedure, this can be achieved with a tiny hydrogel which doctors usually place inside the non-dominant cornea. It is an excellent procedure against presbyopia one of the eye’s natural aging process effect. This effect is very common among adults, and by the ages 40-45, it is more than noticeable and annoying. Our best suggestion to get read of this is to try raindrop inlay. This is the most recommended procedure by Diamond Vision.

Rain Drop Near Vision Inlay Diagram Illustration

What makes you the perfect candidate?

You need to be from 41 to 65 years old and to have a history of healthy eyes. You need to have a requirement of reading glasses or additional power in glasses to see better at near. These are the most common requirements and conditions to become a perfect candidate for this procedure. However, if you suffer from dry eyes, keratoconus, eye inflammation or infection, uncontrolled diabetes or glaucoma, or inefficient corneal thickness you won’t be able to be our patient.

Diamond Vision is one of the first surgery centers in the Northeast areas that offer Raindrop Near Vision or KAMRA inlay.

According to FDA, both procedures are approved, and Diamond Vision can guarantee you an outstanding experience. You can take our outstanding reviews from previous patients. If you are concerned how long it is going to last, you can remain calm because it won’t take longer than 10 minutes. After the surgeon, the patient only needs local eye drops and to take rest for a day or two before returning to work. In about three weeks the patient will be able to see well at a distance and up close, too.

Why is raindrop surgery a good option?

The answer is more than simple, to stop wearing eye glasses. Most people are not a fan of eye glasses. It restricts your freedom, and it is hard to go to the seaside and wear eye glasses. Even if you decide to take the sun glasses with the diopter or you have photo gray ones you still cannot enter the water and enjoy. Others that decides to take lenses have a pretty much similar issue. Not to mention the fact that 6 hours of wearing your lenses s more than enough, everything above this is risky and unhealthy. As a matter of fact, raindrop surgery will remove this issue in less than a day and set you free of the annoying eye glasses and even more annoying eye lenses.


Where to find more information

For more additional requirements you can read a lot of articles and blogs related to this subjects. The best part of this offer is an option to hear or read other patient’s opinion and experience. You can even chat with them and decide your mutual interaction and communication.

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