Why Are People Obsessed With Living Healthy?  

By Angelinea Mohler / a few months ago
Living Healthy

It seems like we are constantly bombarded with this idea that we should lead a healthy lifestyle. In reality when you look at people in your immediate surroundings you realize that not a lot of people are extremely healthy or fit, yet so many people try to impose this perfect lifestyle upon you.

Why are we so obsessed with living healthy? And is it really healthy?

Obsessions Are Not Healthy

Being obsessed with something is definitely not healthy. Living your life to the fullest doesn’t have to mean that you don’t care about your health or about your future. Perhaps the best way to lead a healthy lifestyle is to maintain balance in your life.


Learning this very important skill will help you in all aspects of your life. You have to find balance in relationships, at workplace, at home and of course in your diet and exercise routine. Too much if anything is hardly any good ever.

The Process Of Losing Weight Can Affect Your Health

Healthy-lifestyle-seamless-backgroundObsession with healthy living has taken over in this era of computers and technology. But if we were to argue what healthy is you want to come up with different definition for each person. Many people know that it is not healthy to be overweight, however people struggle with weight will try to lose the weight in different ways. Sometimes the process of weight loss is not healthy, and sometimes people pile on the pounds almost immediately after they lose them. This also have a negative effect on your overall health. Also, even if you lose weight but you eat junk food, fast food and too much sugar and fats, you cannot think of yourself as healthy.

Is Exercising At The Gym Really Healthy?

Moreover, people who exercise in the gym all day believe that they will lose weight and become healthier this way. Physical activity is really important if you want to be healthier and do something about your sedentary lifestyle, however is exercising in a closed gym really healthy?


When you think about it, it’s not really natural for a person to be lifting all these weights in a closed in space. Perhaps a better alternative would be to spend more time in the nature, to spend more time doing activities which are more natural for people such as running, swimming, walking, then to be eating food supplements and lifting 30 pound weights.



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