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Many people don’t take it seriously when a dentist tells them to keep their oral hygiene at a high level. You can’t just go to the dentist when the problem arises because that can lead to lasting damages to your teeth and the rest of the mouth. Regular visits to the dentist will help you detect early signs of the trouble in the mouth. This will allow you to undertake preventive treatments that will prevent further damages to your oral area.

Our coral gables dentists can address many serious dentistry issues, but that doesn’t mean you should forget about regular check-ups. The success of treatment will greatly depend on the state of the teeth, and thus you should take great care to prevent any unnecessary damages to them.

Causes and conditions that can disrupt oral health

There is a long list of things that can endanger your oral health. Causes for those aren’t unavoidable, and every dentist will tell you that. AN unhealthy diet that contains a lot of sugar will lead to the ruin of teeth in a short period. Tobacco and alcohol are also known to cause the decay of teeth, and they also may lead to other medical conditions.


Lifestyle is also a significant factor in the oral health. Individuals from poor and middle strata have a higher chance of suffering from one of the dental conditions. They don’t visit dentists on a regular basis, and they eat foods that aren’t healthy due to the lack of access to healthy food.

Dental cavities arise in the majority of children, and regular dental exams can prevent them from developing into serious medical conditions. If left unattended dental cavities can evolve in a broad array of medical conditions.

That include periodontal disease (affects older people and ends in teeth loss) and oral cancer (caused by unhealthy food, tobacco, and alcohol and it can lead to death).

How to prevent and treat oral decay

It’s easy to prevent teeth decay if you follow some simple guidelines. This doesn’t mean you can forgo regular visits to the dentist as it is one of the things you have to do. The decrease of the sugar intake is one step toward preventing damage to your teeth. Combine it with a balanced nutritional intake and the speed at which your teeth decay will go down.


Oral cancer is a plague of the modern age due to the increase of consummation of the food that contains a lot of sugar. If you want to prevent it, then eat veggies and fruit. These two contain natural sugars that are both healthy and non-damaging to your teeth. Vitamins and minerals from those foods are also excellent in prevention of various oral conditions.

Oral hygiene is important, as important as the physical protection of your teeth. You have to prevent any bodily harm from chipping your teeth because that will force you to undergo dental procedures that cost quite a bit of money. Protect your teeth, and you won’t have to visit the dentist as often as you do now.


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