Health Care Index For 2017 – What Can We Do?


When it comes to debating world’s health care, most of the people turn the debate into a Canadian Health Care vs. American, but what they don’t know is that neither the USA nor Canada ranks in top 25 in the World map of healthcare index.


The times are changing, and it is obvious that we need to start asking different questions when it comes to debating world’s health care. We shouldn’t model healthcare systems based on the ones that have proven to be faulty. We should take a look at the countries at the top of the world map of health care index for 2017, not the ones who aren’t even in the top 30.

National Health Insurance

So, which countries should we take a closer look at? Easy, South Korea, Netherlands, Taiwan, Austria, and Thailand. These five countries take the first five places on the world map of health care index for 2017, and this is why we should examine what they are doing.


Healthcare in South Korea is provided by National Health Insurance (NHI), and every resident of the country is eligible for it. Foreigners who are registered with the NHI receive the same medical services as Korean nationals. The country does its best to provide high-quality healthcare to everyone, and it shows.

Taiwan performed much-needed healthcare reforms over 30 years ago, and the results are obvious. Life expectancy is greater than it used to be, and infant mortality has plummeted down. Citizens of Taiwan do not have to worry about waiting lists, and most preventive services are free.


Netherlands has a very effective healthcare system. Unfortunately, it is not very cost-effective, but the costs are said to be high due to elderly care, in-patient care, and institutionalized psychiatric care. Despite the flaws, the health system in Netherlands has propelled the country to the 2nd place on the world map of health care index.

What can we do with this knowledge? We can compare what the countries at the top are doing right, and we should replicate it while trying to innovate. Healthcare should be provided for everyone, and it is the nigh time that we do something about it!

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