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Health blogs have become very popular nowadays, considering that a lot of people are switching to an organic food and trying to regulate their lives. In the last decade, we have been the witnesses on how the world’s population is slowly distorting itself with the pollution and unhealthy life habit. That’s why, we have a lot of health blogs on the web, who are promoting different values and trying to remedy this situation at least a bit. If you are one of these people, who has a health blog but lacks traffic and marketing strategies, then we have an ideal solution for you. Check out our top five online marketing strategies.

Start from a web design

web designThis might sound too obvious, but we can’t tell you how important it is to have an excellent looking blog, in order to show off your work. A great design will distinguish you from others and give you more leverage on the market. Use some specific elements which will associate your visitors with you and allow you to be competitive on the market.

Use more videos

Many people would say that reading is overrated and in some cases, they might be right. Why would someone read your post about exercises, when he can find them on YouTube and spend less time? Short videos and clips, like for Instagram can be the great tools to reach the new audience, and you can share them widely. You don’t have to own a professional camera to make these videos, using your smartphone will be enough.

Provide your readers useful advice

When it comes to blogging, the information you share should be the most potent source. Depending on your niche, and the type of health blog you are trying to promote, the readers should know they can always rely on your advice. Provide them useful solutions and offer them a chance to give you feedback. In this way, you can find out many interesting things about your readers. You would be surprised how much comment section can be beneficial and how much new ideas for writing it can offer you.

Include a lot of pictures

We are all aware of the old saying, the picture is worth a thousand words. So, depending on the topic you are writing, try to include a lot of photos, and your readers will definitely love this. The visual effects have become an essential part of our life and if you want a bigger productivity and higher traffic, then offer your readers pictures instead of words, they will appreciate it.

Don’t forget about promotion

Promotion through digital media, be it SEO, blogging on popular platforms such as Medium or social media channels is an important piece of the puzzle. However, we put it in the last place because you need to have a well thought out digital marketing strategy, a well-designed blog i.e. website and a goal. What you can learn from any Kickstarter marketing agency, it’s imperative that you and your product, during the promotion stage, appeal to the right audience. As crowdfunding is a science on its own, you can learn a lot about promotion from any kickstarter campaign.

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