How to run your restaurant business smoothly?

restaurant consulting

Whoever worked in the restaurant or a bar knows how this business can be stressful. Restaurant consulting is a very demanding job that requires a lot of planning, and by default, everything needs to be on time. Even a fast food restaurant has the same principle. This results as the type of business that is very difficult to run. A lot of restaurant use management software or management consultant to improve its business. A good advice is crucial to be successful. That’s why we have created Glimpse.

Why should you choose Glimpse when it comes to restaurant consulting?

Our software can show you where is the highest risk of lost revenue. Nobody can be better in observing your business than our software. It also can provide you with unparalleled improvements. Our software will provide you with reports that will show you audited images of sales that are at risk. The best thing is the fact that these images will be cataloged by category and time so you can easily study it. The first thing that every ambitious restaurant does is auditing its sales. We offer you video auditing which will allow you to monitor all the transactions. We backed up everything with impeccable reports that highlight the areas of risk.

Glimpse Corp

Our video auditing solution is user-friendly and do no training is required

Our software is user-friendly, and its interface is so simple that even a child can use it. Your managers can focus on their tasks. The best advantage of this software is the option to see an analysis that shows which is your hardest employee and the option to improve those who are less accomplished. You will have a clear picture about your team’s qualities and flaws.

How this software gives you a full control?

Like in any other business you need to have a scale and to decide who is going be on the top of your list, you can upgrade or downgrade the access of your employee, and this way control them. You will be the only person that has a complete access and the full control over the system. This way you will build an entire network of your most trustworthy employees and be able to have trust in your team.


Technical support during your entire contract

Once you decide to try our 15-day trial version, you will soon realize that this software is going to be your most dependable associate. When it comes to technical support, we have our help desk included in the product price. In case you have any doubts or software issue you can contact us and we will be more than willing to help you. Our software is back up. Therefore you can rest assured that your information and transaction will be safe with us. After the trial version, you can decide whether you are going to buy our product or you think it is not enough adapted to your business. In case that you are not satisfied you are free to suggest us some changes, and we will see what we can arrange for you.

Raindrop Inlay surgery and its benefits

raindrop surgery

Among so many eye surgery procedures it is hard to choose which one is the best. During the natural aging of your eye, it is very important to find the way to diminish near vision. When it comes raindrop inlay procedure, this can be achieved with a tiny hydrogel which doctors usually place inside the non-dominant cornea. It is an excellent procedure against presbyopia one of the eye’s natural aging process effect. This effect is very common among adults, and by the ages 40-45, it is more than noticeable and annoying. Our best suggestion to get read of this is to try raindrop inlay. This is the most recommended procedure by Diamond Vision.

Rain Drop Near Vision Inlay Diagram Illustration

What makes you the perfect candidate?

You need to be from 41 to 65 years old and to have a history of healthy eyes. You need to have a requirement of reading glasses or additional power in glasses to see better at near. These are the most common requirements and conditions to become a perfect candidate for this procedure. However, if you suffer from dry eyes, keratoconus, eye inflammation or infection, uncontrolled diabetes or glaucoma, or inefficient corneal thickness you won’t be able to be our patient.

Diamond Vision is one of the first surgery centers in the Northeast areas that offer Raindrop Near Vision or KAMRA inlay.

According to FDA, both procedures are approved, and Diamond Vision can guarantee you an outstanding experience. You can take our outstanding reviews from previous patients. If you are concerned how long it is going to last, you can remain calm because it won’t take longer than 10 minutes. After the surgeon, the patient only needs local eye drops and to take rest for a day or two before returning to work. In about three weeks the patient will be able to see well at a distance and up close, too.

Why is raindrop surgery a good option?

The answer is more than simple, to stop wearing eye glasses. Most people are not a fan of eye glasses. It restricts your freedom, and it is hard to go to the seaside and wear eye glasses. Even if you decide to take the sun glasses with the diopter or you have photo gray ones you still cannot enter the water and enjoy. Others that decides to take lenses have a pretty much similar issue. Not to mention the fact that 6 hours of wearing your lenses s more than enough, everything above this is risky and unhealthy. As a matter of fact, raindrop surgery will remove this issue in less than a day and set you free of the annoying eye glasses and even more annoying eye lenses.


Where to find more information

For more additional requirements you can read a lot of articles and blogs related to this subjects. The best part of this offer is an option to hear or read other patient’s opinion and experience. You can even chat with them and decide your mutual interaction and communication.

Why Are People Obsessed With Living Healthy?  

By Angelinea Mohler / a couple of months ago
Living Healthy

It seems like we are constantly bombarded with this idea that we should lead a healthy lifestyle. In reality when you look at people in your immediate surroundings you realize that not a lot of people are extremely healthy or fit, yet so many people try to impose this perfect lifestyle upon you.

Why are we so obsessed with living healthy? And is it really healthy?

Obsessions Are Not Healthy

Being obsessed with something is definitely not healthy. Living your life to the fullest doesn’t have to mean that you don’t care about your health or about your future. Perhaps the best way to lead a healthy lifestyle is to maintain balance in your life.


Learning this very important skill will help you in all aspects of your life. You have to find balance in relationships, at workplace, at home and of course in your diet and exercise routine. Too much if anything is hardly any good ever.

The Process Of Losing Weight Can Affect Your Health

Healthy-lifestyle-seamless-backgroundObsession with healthy living has taken over in this era of computers and technology. But if we were to argue what healthy is you want to come up with different definition for each person. Many people know that it is not healthy to be overweight, however people struggle with weight will try to lose the weight in different ways. Sometimes the process of weight loss is not healthy, and sometimes people pile on the pounds almost immediately after they lose them. This also have a negative effect on your overall health. Also, even if you lose weight but you eat junk food, fast food and too much sugar and fats, you cannot think of yourself as healthy.

Is Exercising At The Gym Really Healthy?

Moreover, people who exercise in the gym all day believe that they will lose weight and become healthier this way. Physical activity is really important if you want to be healthier and do something about your sedentary lifestyle, however is exercising in a closed gym really healthy?


When you think about it, it’s not really natural for a person to be lifting all these weights in a closed in space. Perhaps a better alternative would be to spend more time in the nature, to spend more time doing activities which are more natural for people such as running, swimming, walking, then to be eating food supplements and lifting 30 pound weights.



New Coupons That You Will Absolutely Love!  


There are numerous opportunities out there, and knowing when to use them and where to find them can make your life a lot easier on you. Using coupons will make your daily existence a lot easier and of course it you should snatch this opportunity!

Grasscity Coupons

CCC-LOGO-NEWOne of the best things which you can find online is the grasscity shop and even better than that is a grasscity coupon! Grasscity offers a variety of products which can make your life a lot better and if you manage to get a coupon you will be able to get some significant discounts. Also, you will still be able to use the coupons online as well as in their stores, so don’t be shy about finding more about this option.

Who Collects Coupons?

There is a lot of prejudice when it comes to coupons, because people seem to believe only old ladies who do not have much other to do in life seem to preoccupy themselves with collecting coupons. This is of course not the case with grasscity coupons. Grasscity coupons are dedicated to people who are looking for quality equipment that they cannot find elsewhere and want to get a loyalty discount. Also, grasscity offers tons of others discounts for people who regularly use coupons as well as other services in general.

So it is worth looking at these options.

Will I Get Quality Despite Discounts?

Some people are worried about the quality of products that they get with coupons, and we can reassure you that the equipment that we offer to you is of highest quality and made of best material. The products which you get with a coupon are regular products which are in sale only that you get a special price for it.

coupons green

There is no way of denying that this is a one in a lifetime opportunity to get a quality product for a reduced price that you could find nowhere else! In addition to that, if the coupon does not fulfill your expectations you can always return it and get a refund.

Which Health Tests Could Help You Stay Healthy?

By Angelinea Mohler / a few months ago
Health Tests

Leading a healthy lifestyle is important to many people because they are willing to do whatever it takes in order to keep themselves healthier for a longer period of time. Unfortunately, sometimes it is not possible to keep yourself healthy but what you should do instead is devote some time and attention to prevention off illnesses that might afflict you. If you would like to learn more about actions which you can take in order to keep yourself healthy, read on.


In case you did not know colon cancer is one of the leading cancers in the world, and it is also very dangerous. It is dangerous because your intestines do not have nerve endings, which means you will not be able to feel anything peculiar or strange going on. In fact, the symptoms can be so miles that the majority of people will not even consider colon cancer as the reason behind certain symptoms.


This is why colonoscopy is advised to everyone over the age of 50 and especially does that have had colon cancer in their family.In addition to that if any polyps are found they can be instantly removed and sent for further analysis, which also helps your health. The majority of malignant tumors in your intestines are in fact the result of polyps which have been there for a longer period of time. This is why it is for the best that polyps are promptly removed.

Prostate Check / Pap Smear

When it comes to reproductive organs you should also pay close attention to your health and regularly go for checkups with your general physician. For men a prostate check is advisable.


Whereas for women a Pap smear should be able to detect any changes in your reproductive organs. Make sure you conduct these tests at least once every two years and you will be on the safe side when it comes to your health.

Problems That Go Unnoticed

If you are experiencing any health problems do not let them go unnoticed for a longer period of time. What you should do is visit a general physician that you trust and make sure you conduct all the tests that will show your present state of health.

And help you become healthier, or detect any problems that may appear in the future.

How To Maintain Your Diet, Easier Said Than Done!

eating healthy food

When we talk about diets many people will agree that we would all like to maintain healthy weight and keep a healthy diet, however it is not always easy to do so. Sometimes being disciplined with your diet can be particularly hard, so these tips might help you become fitter, healthier and happier!

Diets That Work

There are diets that work and those that are not as successful. As some unwritten rule, diets that do work take time and perseverance. Then you have those diets with almost immediate results after which pounds come right back and sometimes with a vengeance, so what should you do?


Well, choose a diet that works and a diet which will have permanent results. It is not so much about keeping a diet for a couple of weeks or months, but eating healthy all the time.

Constantly Make The Right Choice

So, as we have already explained, you should eat healthy and make a decision to constantly do so. So the struggle to make the right healthy choice should be dealt with on a daily basis. Think about what kinds of food are good for you and those which you should avoid or reduce in your diet and always try to make the right choice.

Indulging, But Just A Bit

Maintain-Your-Diet-Plans-for-Building-Lean-Muscle-300x281If you want to have a piece of chocolate, you should not deny yourself that pleasure, but do not go overboard either. It is fine to have a piece of just about anything, as long as it is controlled and you do not go back to junk food entirely.

Do Not Eat When You Are Not Hungry

If you do not feel the need to eat, do not eat just out of force of habit. Your body is your best guide when it comes to your diet. If you crave a certain type of food, your body might be signaling you for certain kinds of minerals or vitamins that you need.

The Key To Success Is A Balanced Diet

All in all, it seems like the key to your future success might just be a balanced diet. Still, in order to do so, you also need to have perseverance and strong-will. By making the right choice all the time, you too will keep a balanced diet and a healthy weight.

How Can Abdominal Belts Help You Lose Weight

Abdominal Belts

If you are interested in learning more about the easy way to lose that belly fat, then you might as well read our Flex Belt reviews and see for yourself. In addition to that, today we will be sharing some of the easiest ways in which you can lose fat and stay fit. Also, learn everything you wanted to know about abdominal belts and how to use them.

What Are Abdominal Belts?

 Abdominal Belts BlueWell, even though the term is quite self-explanatory, we must first explain what abdominal belts are so that you may know how to use one. Abdominal belts are belts which are worn around your abdomen, by both men and women, but the reasons for wearing it will vary. Some people wear abdominal belts as a part of recovery, others would like to lose weight, new moms might wear it to get back in shape – but the purpose for wearing it is the same – to get back in shape and become fitter.

There Are Different Kinds Of Abdominal Belts

Of course, we must also not fail to mention that there are different kinds of abdominal belts. There are belts which will help you perspire more so that you will feel like you are doing a great thing for your body. Still, that does not necessarily has to be the case. Sometimes, our bodies will lose a lot of water and fluid, and being that people are practically made of water, losing water might show on the scale as weight loss.

 Abdominal Belts Blue Pair

This is not necessarily always a good thing, though. That being said, you should choose an abdominal belt that will allow your body to stay in shape or bounce back in shape in a healthy way, and we all know that when it comes to weight loss – there are no quick solutions and easy fixes. You have to eat right, sleep right, exercise enough and stay active. If you manage to do all that, then an abdominal belt will be there to help you on your path. On the other hand, if you do not do all that, then it will be more than difficult for you to get back in shape relying only and primarily on the abdominal belt.

Also, abdominal belts are there to keep you in shape, but they are also a constant reminder of what you are setting to do, and that is precisely to eat right and exercise.

Why Do People Choose Belts?

Each person has their own strategy of losing weight and follow their own weight-loss process. However, belts are amazing because they will help you overcome your insecurities and give you the appearance you were looking for. Also, they will aid your weight loss and keep you motivated to continue on your journey. If you have never used an abdominal belt before, then it might be the right time to do so now and give it a go. There are so many abdominal belts to choose from, so you will definitely be able to find something for yourself.

Health Care Index For 2017 – What Can We Do?


When it comes to debating world’s health care, most of the people turn the debate into a Canadian Health Care vs. American, but what they don’t know is that neither the USA nor Canada ranks in top 25 in the World map of healthcare index.


The times are changing, and it is obvious that we need to start asking different questions when it comes to debating world’s health care. We shouldn’t model healthcare systems based on the ones that have proven to be faulty. We should take a look at the countries at the top of the world map of health care index for 2017, not the ones who aren’t even in the top 30.

National Health Insurance

So, which countries should we take a closer look at? Easy, South Korea, Netherlands, Taiwan, Austria, and Thailand. These five countries take the first five places on the world map of health care index for 2017, and this is why we should examine what they are doing.


Healthcare in South Korea is provided by National Health Insurance (NHI), and every resident of the country is eligible for it. Foreigners who are registered with the NHI receive the same medical services as Korean nationals. The country does its best to provide high-quality healthcare to everyone, and it shows.

Taiwan performed much-needed healthcare reforms over 30 years ago, and the results are obvious. Life expectancy is greater than it used to be, and infant mortality has plummeted down. Citizens of Taiwan do not have to worry about waiting lists, and most preventive services are free.


Netherlands has a very effective healthcare system. Unfortunately, it is not very cost-effective, but the costs are said to be high due to elderly care, in-patient care, and institutionalized psychiatric care. Despite the flaws, the health system in Netherlands has propelled the country to the 2nd place on the world map of health care index.

What can we do with this knowledge? We can compare what the countries at the top are doing right, and we should replicate it while trying to innovate. Healthcare should be provided for everyone, and it is the nigh time that we do something about it!

Secret To A Healthy Heart & Longer Life – Spicy Food


If you love eating spicy food, you are in luck! A new study has appeared with suggestions that chili peppers may be a secret to a long life.

Researchers from the University of Vermont performed an analysis on over 16,000 American men who had completed the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey between 1988 and 1994. The researchers found out that during over 19 years around 34% of the men died. They thought about limiting the data to people who consumed chili peppers, and they learned that the number of the men died dropped to mere 22%.


The result was published in the journal Plos one, and the result suggested that the lower risk of death might have something to do with an active component of chili peppers – capsaicin. Co-author of the study, Dr. Benjamin Litternberg said: “The types of deaths that were lowest in the pepper group were deaths due to vascular disease, heart attacks and stroke.” Dr. Littenberg said that it seems that capsaicin reduces the amount of inflammation in the body. But, this study is not the only one which claims that chili peppers can lead to a longer life.

People who consume fresh chili show a lower risk of death from cancer

The study of nearly 500,000 Chinese people over seven years shows that people who indulge in eating spicy food three times a week have a lower risk of dying. People who eat spicy food three times per week have a 14% less risk of dying than people who don’t. Fresh and dried chili peppers were the common spice used in China, and further analysis showed that people who consume fresh chili show a lower risk of death from cancer, diabetes, and ischaemic heart disease.


Despite the studies, Dr. Littenberg says that correlation does not equal causation. He said that further studies are necessary before there is a concrete conclusion. He also said that there are many different ways of improving health than going on a chili pepper diet.

The researchers are not 100% sure that spicy food is the cause of longer life, so we will have to wait a bit longer until the claims are proven. Until then, we will enjoy our spicy food in moderation, not only for the health benefits but because we love the taste of chili.

How To Use Feng Shui To Attract Wealth


Feng shui doesn’t magically provide you with wealth, but it helps you create an environment around yourself that will strengthen you and attract the energy of wealth. Good feng shui will attract wealth by giving you the necessary support, but only if you strive for it.

Read on and learn how feng shui can help you create an environment which supports you in your quest for wealth.

1. Eliminate clutter

Clutter is a big problem – people who live in cluttered places are dominated by the energy based on fear and pessimism. It is obvious that fear and pessimism do not lead to wealth, quite the contrary. We are aware that clearing clutter is a tedious task, but the end-result is worth it.


Rich people have to find everything quick – time is money, and that is why their workspace is clutter-free. Eliminate the clutter, and you will become more organized, and your rooms will emit a strong and clear energy.

2. Fountains

Many ancient and present cultures associate the energy of water with wealth. Fountains are very popular when it comes to feng shui for wealth. If you enjoy fountains, find one or more fountains and place them inside or outside of your home.

[themify_box style=”pink”]Small fountains are not very expensive so that they won’t set you back a lot, but remember never to put a fountain in your bedroom – this is bad feng shui.[/themify_box]

3. Wealth colors

One of the essential feng shui colors is, obviously, gold. If you want to attract wealth, make sure that gold is the dominant color in your decor items – it will make your house feel harmonious.

You need to make sure that you have an emotional connection to your gold-colored items. It is important that you don’t bring something into your home just for the sake of the looks. If you don’t like something – it doesn’t like you back.

Wealth colors

Another feng shui wealth color is purple, and it can also be found on many items such as rugs, pillows, plants, etc. As with the gold, the same rules apply with purple – use the objects that you like.

There you have it – three simple feng shui tips that will help you attract wealth, but remember that you have to be genuine if you want your feng shui to work, and don’t rush it!